Global Online Sales Start on August 18th, Available in Retail Stores on August 19th in Tokyo and Osaka From Japan & Southeast Asia to the World - Empowering Fans Through Brand Launch

From Japan & Southeast Asia to the World - Empowering Fans Through Brand Launched!

Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 3, 2023/Balance Style Co., Ltd./ Balance Style announced that a new apparel brand, "KOTA MIURA BLACK -KMB", launched with martial artist Kota Miura, will go on sale worldwide in their official online store from August 18, 2023. The new line are also available at the Balance Style stores in Omotesando Hills in Tokyo and Osaka from August 19, 2023.

"KMB" is a brand inspired by fans, offering what they want and bringing them joy. Fans wearing the brand's apparel - fueled by Kota Miura's passion - can feel his presence in their day-to-day actions and have a zeal for life.

The brand aims to help people find enjoyment in life, inspire them with a sense of purpose and positivity, and support them in achieving their life goals.

"KMB" intends to launch its brand from Japan and Southeast Asia, and expand globally by continually providing fans with the latest styles. Miura looks forward to collaborating with various Japanese graphic designers and showcasing Japanese culture to the world.

The "KOTA MIURA BLACK (KMB)" brand was first unveiled at a fan meet and greet with Kota Miura held in Thailand on June 27. The brand video was narrated in the Thai language for the local fans and shared worldwide on social media.

KMB Official Online Store:


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