On 1 August 2023, Mew Suppasit SUMMER VACATION in OSAKA is held at Zepp Namba (OSAKA). Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat is known in Japan from a lead role as Tharn in "TharnType: The Series" and also his albums as a T-POP artist.

On that day, many guests both Japanese and international fans are waiting the line in front of the venue. At 19.00, Mew appears in "Yukata", a Japanese style Summer clothes and then started performing a Thai song "Our Time" (The Love Proposal OST/เพลงรักกามเทพ OST) on the stage. Following by the talkshow.

Q: Recently you are busy with the music work or acting (series)?

Mew: One of the drama i'm working recently, is about Thai Luktung (Thai country songs) so i have to rehearse Thai Luktung songs as well.

Q: Can you sing Thai Luktung songs?

Mew: No, I can't (laughing). Even for Thai people, it's so difficult. It's one of the most difficult genre in Thai music.

After today's event, i have to rehearse it suddenly. Because i have prioritized on singing for the concert in the Fan meeting first. After backed to Thailand, they will asked me to record the songs. I have to play the flute as well.

Q: Have you ever played the blowing musical instrument before?

Mew: I used to play the clarinet, played it for a contest when i was a child.

Mew mentioned to a shirt he wore while traveling in Osaka which is showing on the big screen. It's a German brand Hugo Boss and he said he brought it to wear in Japan because this shirt matching with Summer theme, also pairs with a stylish Bvlgari bracelet.

Mew: Have you ever tried Takoyaki with pineapple flavour?

Because Japanese don't know what is pineapple Takoyaki, Mew said in Japanese "Nihon-jin janai" (= i'm not Japanese) and laughing.

Then, the photos he took at a Takoyaki shop were introduced on the big screen. He visited "Takonotetsu" shop and guided to his fans. At the next spots, he got melon and lemon drink. He said that melon and lemon sounds similarly, don't confuse when you ordering. He continuely suggested the shop to make a new taste like Durian next times (laughing)

When he arrived to Osaka's landmark "Glico running man" at Dotonbori, he posted himself like Glico's running man.

Q: All your Thai friends posed the same?

Mew: Look around, others also did the same. At this area, people may competing who can pose similar to the original one.

After that, Mew moved to Osaka's famous attraction Kaiyukan aquarium.

Q: In Kaiyukan, what kind of fish you liked the most?

Mew: i liked the one which look similar to Penguin and they can fly. I went to Kaiyukan first times when i was 6 years old, i saw the whale and feel it was so big but now it looks smaller, may be they are calves from the whales i saw long time ago.

Back to talk about TV series.

Mew: Now i'm currently working for series "HOMEROOM" and "Monrak Luktung" which is remake from a popular Thai drama "Monrak Luktung". I also work for a film "The package (พัสดุฝ่าแดนมรณะ)", I'm working for all 3 stories in August. The movie will be done within a month because i spared most of my working time for this film. When I backed to Thailand, i have to work for both 2 series in one day.

Q: In Japan, Summer begin from end of July to August, how about Thailand?

Mew: Just one month (in Japan)? Thailand is 300 days (laughing). In the old days, Summer vacation in Thailand begun between March to May because it's so hot and we also have "Song Kran Festival" on this period, people splash water together. But now there are many exchange students who visited Thailand and we adjusted the Summer vacation period like other countries around June, July and August.

Q; In Japan, many kids visit their cousins in countryside on Summer vacation, how about Thailand?

Mew: For me, on my school's Summer vacation, i went to the sea and may visited my cousin's home like my grand mom friend's home, or studied some course at school. It was fun. During 3 months holiday, we had a special course for one month. I like to study about planting (the trees). But i didn't know the reason to plant it. I learned how to make the soil naturally, planted the fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, the green leaves plants Dischidia and ferns etc. I liked it when I first joined this special course since my first year in primary school so that i can play with my friends.

When i was a child, i also like reading books such as novel and scientific books, but i chose planting course just because i can play with my friends like hide-and-seek etc. I remembered that one day my friends got injured by stepping on the sharp wired at a construction area when we playing together. I feel so scare. By the way, I don't know how he is today.

Q: When Summer comes, many Japanese may listen to the songs about Summer. How about Thailand?

Mew: Listen to the song with the name "Summer" (ฤดูร้อน) by a Thai Rock singer "Paradox". Mew also hummed the first parts of the song.

Q: In Japan, listen to the Summer theme song made us thinking of the childhood days, how about Thailand?

Mew: For me, Summer is a special moment. When i was a child, we can take a break, we have long holiday, so we can finding ourselves and spending days with people around us. So we have special moment together in Summer.

On the independent research part, Mew drew a colour painting and crafted a crab by clay and gave them to the lucky fans. And then he changed the clothes by wearing a charming suit and cooking Yakisoba on the stage. The lucky fans were invited to get his Yakisoba noodles and Kakigōri, a Japanese style shaved ices. Mew also served it carefully by his hands. The show ended with his finale performance with a song "Season Of You (ทุกฤดู)" before closing the curtain at 21.00.

All fans got a chance to touch his hands at hi-Touch event while walking out from the venue. It's an impressive moment and great time to know more about him and enjoy his performance he prepared exclusively for this meet & greet event in Osaka, Japan.


Date: 1 August 2023
Venue: Zepp Namba (OSAKA)
Photo: Takuro Hori


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