Ossan's Love - Returns unveiled the new posters before airing on January 2024

"Ossan's Love - Returns" (おっさんずラブ-リターンズ), a new episode will be aired from 5 January 2024! The new snowy posters with all main characters are also unveiled today. It seems they are enjoying the first snow somewhere in Japan. Starring by Kei Tanaka, Kotaro Yoshida and Kento Hayashi.

“Ossan's Love” is called as the very first Japanese bl series in Japanese TV industry with LGBTQ theme. It was surprisingly aired on mainstream media and ranked no.1 in Twitter global trends after aired shortly in 2016, received the positive feedback from oversea fans.

Although the minorities and LGBTQ's equal rights in Japan is unrecognised widely and lagging behind other countries, but the series won many awards and opened the new opportunity for Japanese LGBTQ films in global scale, and even being proposed to legalize same-sex marriage by people to Japan government.

The series was remade in Hong Kong in 2021 and they just announced to adapt in Thailand version bl series on October 2023 (airing on 2024) starring by Mix and Earth, two  renowned Thai bl superstars.

"Ossan's Love - Returns" will be airing on TV Asahi channel and its network from January 2024 every Friday during 23:15〜24:15.

Official Websitehttps://www.tv-asahi.co.jp/ossanslove_returns/

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