TASAKI's 70th anniversary exhibition "FLOATING SHELL" in Tokyo

TWICE 's MOMO as a brand partner, attends the reception event for opening of TASAKI's 70th anniversary exhibition "FLOATING SHELL" at BA-TSU ART GALLERY in Omotesando, Tokyo.

MOMO shines with the new high jewelry from Tasaki's iconic BALANCE collection.

"It was so interesting to be able to see the collaboration works with many items from various types. Today, I wears the new "BALANCE", each pearl dazzlingly shines, its modern design is also very beautiful", she said.

Many celebrities attended included Keita Machida, Sakurada Dōri, Santa and more. The exhibition showcasing its minimal aesthetics and fantastical image of floating mother-of-pearl statues and frames, feature the new pieces from TASAKI's BALANCE collection,  as well as collaboration items with Japanese brands in various types, such as sneakers, eyewear and earphones,  inspired by 3 manga works from Tatsuki Fujimoto, one of Japan's leading Japanese manga creators: Chainsaw Man, Nayuta of Prophecy and Fire Punch.

TASAKI 70th Anniversary Exhibition will be held in many countries around the world  this year, started from Tokyo, followed by Shanghai, Osaka, Taipei, Seoul, Paris and London.

TASAKI 70th Anniversary Exhibition "FLOATING SHELL"
Date: 26 April - 12 May 2024
Opening hours: 11:00~19:00

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