&TEAM joined the mnet countdown in KCON JAPAN 2024

&TEAM, one of the groups is scheduled to ahow in mnet countdown in KCON JAPAN 2024 this year. inStyle Asia bring you to know them more.

All &TEAM members at Red Carpet in KCON JAPAN 2024

&TEAM (and team), the new boy group from the competition show &Audition – The Howling, has  officially debut since 7 December 2022.

&TEAM's Taki in KCON JAPAN 2024

The band is formed under HYBE Labels Japan, composed of three former I-LAND group contestants (K, Nicholas, EJ, and TAKI) as trainees. They also seeking the new members through an open audition.  But the path for them was not so easy.  Because they have to participate in &Audition – The Howling and co-working with the new contestants.

&TEAM is a name given by Bang Si Hyuk, CEO of HYBE Labels, which means “A team that connects with fans around the world through music and the stage of their dreams” can be said to be a boy group that has a variety of characters, talents, and nationalities. There are 9 members: K, Fuma, Nicholas, EJ, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Taki, and Maki.

Images: inStyle Asia

&TEAM official website: https://www.andteam-official.jp/

KCON JAPAN official website: https://kconjapan.com/

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