FILM: Gensan Punch

What's hot in Tokyo International Film Festival this year


Inspired by the true story of a disabled athlete, Okinawa-born Nao Tsuchiyama who followed his dream to General Santos city in Philippines where boxing legend Manny Pacquiao grew up. How his life went on after back to hometown, let's watch!

Portrayed the lead role by Japanese actor Shogen, the latest Japan - Southeast Asia co-production film by Brillante Mendoza, a Filipino director. This award winning HBO Asia original film was premiered in 34th Tokyo International Film Festival and ready to be streamed worldwide from 16th December 2021 on HBO Go.

At the Japan premiere, from left; Producer Yamashita Takahiro , Kaho Minami (Kirin ga kuru/NHK, Love will begin when Money ends/TBS), Shogen (Death Note/NTV) , Maya Kinusaku (Terrace House/Fuji) and Tsuchiyama Naozumi (a former disable boxer whom the film is made by on his story) from Gensan Punch by Filipino director Brillante Ma Mendoza posed together after premiered in Japan in 34th Tokyo International Film Festival in November 2021

Stage Appearance image: InStyle Asia

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