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What's new in the month of love and lunar new year celebration in Thailand, "Tell the World I Love You" (อยากบอกให้รู้ว่ากูรักมึง), a new Thai film by director Poj Arnon (from "Bangkok Love Story") is currently showing in theaters now. Co-starring by Perth Tanapon (from "Love my chance" the series) who appears on movie for the first times and Bas Suradej (from "2moons the series"), include many popular Thai actors.

Depict the story of "Kheng" (Bas Suradej), a boy from the rural town who came to study in Bangkok and living with Tai (Net Siraphop , his classmate at same age. Kheng had a dream to find his mother in China who he separated by plan to study there. But his life changed when he accidentally helped Bong (Perth Tanapon), a drug delivery boy who was attacked by mafia group. They thought that Kheng conspiring secretly with Bong, to hide the drugs so Kheng have to run away from home. Living with Bong at a hidden place where both of them learning each other and sharing the friendship and love in "Tell the world I love you”.

The new MV "Reason I Don't Come Back" is launched both Thai version sung by actor Perth Tanapon and Chinese version by Bie Thassapak. Check the full version on the official YouTube channel.

バレンタインデーと旧正月の週、数年前に撮影したタイ映画の「Tell the World I Love You 」(僕は世界を伝いたくて君を愛してる) はやっと全国シネマで上映してます。日本にも放送した「ラブ•バイ•チャンス•ザ•シリーズ」の人気な俳優のパース タナポンさんが出演して彼の最初の映画だそうです。「僕が戻しない理由〜いつも変わらなく愛してる」という美しい曲は、中国語もタイ語もYouTubeオフィシャルチャンネルにて公開した。中国で人気なタイ人俳優のビータサパックさんが歌った。ストーリーは、ドラグビジネスのせいで高校生の「ケン」 (バス スラデートさん)がドラッグ販売者の「ボン」 (パース タナポンさん)と突然に出会って親友として愛が始まる話です。

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