"From Chao Praya to Irrawaddy", a hit timeslip Thai series set its background in Myanmar.

Looking for a time travel and a reincarnated love story in Asia's drama this month of love? "Love", a classic Thai themed song is remade for the soundtrack in a hit Thai series aired this Winter.

Back to the time when Ayutthaya capital was seized by Burmese court troops last 300 years ago, The art and culture of Ayutthaya were adopted and developed in Burmese culture include Thai dance, court music and dramatic play from Javanese literature which is translated into Thai by two Thai princesses in that era.

"From Chao Praya to Irrawaddy river", a hit series on Thai PBS aired in Thailand, starring by renowned Thai and Burmese actors such as God Jirayu,Tangtang Nataruji, Daung, depicts a Thai lady (Nataruji) who working as chef in Yangon before she got an old book about dance, brought her soul incarnate into a Thai girl in Burma after Ayutthaya lose the war, living at Thai immigrant town with Thai royal members who were captured as loyalty hostage. She also met "Myawaddy Mingyi U Sa", a real poet in Myanmar history who transformed Thai drama and music in Myanmar court which is performed until today.

Like the tale of 2 cities, Burma shared the war history with neighbor for many hundred years. It's a new interpretation by "Chatchai Ketnut", a new wave Thai director who let the audience see Burma in different aspects and also starring by famous Burmese actors like "Daung". The story in the series was interpreted in many aspects include the political message through the dramatic literature and Southeast Asia's history.

Instead of being quiet, currently, Daung, one of the most famous stars in Myanmar who was in Thailand during the cout d'etat, calling out for freedom and protesting against the military coup outside his home country since last year.

Myanmar may not run by military government just 2 years or 40 years, but Myanmar or even Asia is influenced by authoritarian culture for thousand years. We cannot change the river flow as well as the history but we may seeking for freedom and the way to living together peacefully. Love Asia? Check this one.

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