REPORT: Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO autumn/winter 2023-24

Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO or Tokyo Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events in Japan. More 30 brands from Japan and many countrie released the new collection in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO during 13-18 March 2023. Take a glimpse of the latest trends and new looks from Tokyo this Spring!


ablankpage autumn/winter 2023-24 collection is released at Tokyo's Shibuya Hikarie on 14 March 2023.

ABLANKPAGE by Tokyo-based Thai designer Larprojpaiboon Phoovadej collabrates with designer Shun Ishizawa from Maison Shun Ishizawa, as a guest designer and EDWIN for Autumn/Winter 2023 collection.

AS YEARS GOES BYS ABLANKPAGE X EDWIN is released in Tokyo Fashion Week (Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO) on 14 March at Shibuya Hikarie.The details of the characters on each fabric is cute and all were created by khun Tam - Wisut Ponnimit, a renowned Thai cartoon designer who is known in Japan from his popular character named "Ma Muang-chan". (マムアンちゃん) or Ms. Mango.

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Tokyo-based Nape_ by designer Tatsuma Yamashita released Autumn/Winter 23-24 collection as part of Tokyo Fashion Week (Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO) with a theme "Interculturalism" at Circus Tokyo on 17 March 2023.

By integrating the different cultures which is overlooked or ignored by people in society like the nightlife people, musicians, LGBTQ in Tokyo, showcasing the city's sensational diversity and acceptance of the different culture in Japan through fashion, music and dance.

The show start when a real monk from Yakushi-ji temple from Nara chanting the Sutra. Models in new items were presenting on the stage along with the live music under the dim light in a  nightclub atmosphere.

Kobe-born designer Tatsuma Yamashita started his music and clothes label since 2016, before he opened his first cafe-bar and Nape_flagship store at a new hispters' town Shimokitazawa in Tokyo.



Re:quaL≡ by designer Tetsuya Doi released Autumn Winter 2023-24 collection by collaborating with docomo at Shibuya district.



SEVESKIG A/W2023-24 by designer Takanori Nagano in Tokyo Fashion Week. Based on the cultures and sub-cultures they have been exposed to, His specialty is leather goods, and his leather wear is characterized by the use of wild leather which is hunted in Japan. Designer has collaborated with anime, art, and film works that have influenced him, adding depth to his collections.



Taiwan-based SEIVSON by Tzu Chin Shen released Autumn/Winter 2023-24 collection at Shibuya Hikarie Tokyo, under a theme "ROOMSERVICE"

Balancing between two different things is one of the highlights of the brand. The layers of many clothes with its playful details on the top is set to match with bottom part elegantly, added the sense of holiday mode by light colored palettes such as green and pink, black and orange, gray and white, white and beige. 

The new items from (A) Crypsis, another men's collection by SEIVSON also released and collaborated with a Japanese designer's brand DISCOVERED.


Queen & Jack

"Queen & Jack" by designer Yuko Koike released its Autumn/Winter 2023 collection at Tokyo National Museum in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO.

『Queen & Jack - Collection Line』 started as a luxury school uniform brand based on being developed uniquely in Japan and produced in collaboration with Japanese and Italian SARTI (craftsmen). This collection is prêt-à-couture that updates the mood and details of the school uniform through the image of up-and-coming and talented designers, and sublimates school-girl style into a mode.


"ATTACHMENT" and "VEIN" presented its autumn/winter 23-24 collection at "Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO" this year Spring. Both were designed by Koki Enomoto and released in Tokyo Fashion Week for the first time.

Tokyo-based "VEIN" and "ATTACHMENT" presented the latest Autumnal items with its eyes-catching silhouette, minimal chic and structural details on the runway at National Stadium in Tokyo. The jacket and pants with adjustable drawcords, knit vest with zippers showcasing the iconic design of both two brands. 

Inspired by an expression of black color from a French painter "Pierre Soulage", many kind of materials such as knit, leather and faux fur were dyed in black color. Designer Koki also captured the lights from the brightened sky with the blue ensembles based on an inspiration of a British - Indian sculpture named "Anish Kapoor".



Tokyo-based brand KEISUKEYOSHIDA released the new collection on 18 March at the underground venue in Shibuya district, Tokyo. Actress Kiko Mizuhara also presented on the runway as model for the finale show in Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO this year.


YUEQI QI released her Autumn/Winter 2023 collection in Tokyo Fashion Week (Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO)  with a combination of the avant-garde chic and nostalgia ambient in a chic Seibu Cafe at the heart of Shinjuku on 13 March 2023 through a theme "Edge of Time"

This season is a continuation of our journey past our solar system. The linear trajectory of time is reconsidered. We explore the idea of looking at the future with the same transparency in which we look at the past. We consider a world without a present moment where the future and past flow infinitely in parallel, from the subject position, at the precipice we call the Edge of Time.


PH MODE x TYO by MFF (Manila Fashion Festival) 

Manila Fashion Festival is Philippine's biggest fashion week, featuring collections of the established and promising Philippine designers. PH MODE x TYO by MFF was created in collaboration with STYLEM, a leading fabric trading company in Japan. 

ALODIACECILIA by a Filipino designer Alodia Cecilia introduced her autumn/winter 2023-2024 under the project PH MODE x TYO by MFF (Manila Fashion Festival) as part of Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO, at a studio in Harajuku Tokyo.

The next one is S'TOIC


PILLINGS, a womenswear 's brand by Japanese designer Ryota Murakami, focusing on the beauty of the knit clothes and knitting craftmanship.

PILLINGS is one of the brands which won the “TOKYO FASHION AWARD” in 2021, after the brand changed its name from RYOTAMIRAKAMI in 2020. Swipe to see autumn/winter 2023-24 collection from the runway in Tokyo.

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