The Ghost Station, a Korea-Japan production horror film ranked top in Japan

A Japan-Korea co-production horror film "The Ghost Station'' is finally premiered in Japan on October 6th (Friday).

After received its positive feedback from Korea, it ranked top at Japan's theaters and being introduced on a Japan TV popular variety show "King's Brunch"

To commemorate its big hit, a new photo set from the film is released and we will introduce Kim Jae-Hyun who take the role as Woo Won in the film.

"The Ghost Station" depicts the story of Woo Won as an ameteur website news reporter and his relationship with Na Young (Kim Bo-Ra). He must trust all her orders and it was full of fearsome. In the film, we will see him crying in many scenes.

Kim Jae-hyun is known as a South Korean drummer in N.Flying, a K-rock band, currently he is serving in the military. Not only in Korea, he also appeared as an actor in a hit Japanese series "On the Day When the World Ends with You'' (Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni: Season 1).

To commemorate of a Japan-Korea Production film "The Ghost Station" for its big hit after premiered in Japan, we received a comment from actor Kim Jae-Hyun by himself!

"Actually, I didn't really like horror film, but after filmed "The Ghost Station'', I started to like it a little bit. 

I think everyone who watched "The Ghost Station'', they started to like us and horror film as well (laughing). "The Ghost Station'' is a scary horror movie, but I think everyone in Japan also like it, so please watch and enjoy!


Na-young (Kim Bo-Ra), a web news reporter uses her boyfriend Woo-won (N.Flying's Kim Jae-Hyun) as her assistant to write an article about a suicide accident at Oksu subway station in Seoul, South Korea.  During the investigation progresses, there are more suspicious people were reported like "There was a child on the railroad tracks" and one witness repeating a mysterious number as if she is possessed by ghost. While they are pursuing the truth of the incident, the mysterious deaths occured one by one around both of two reporters.

Based on a true story, a Japan-Korea Production film "The Ghost Station" is currently showing in Japan's theaters. Directed by Jung Yong-Ki and screen writing by Hiroshi Takahashi from "The Ring" and Koji Shiraishi from "Sadako vs Kayako".

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