The Rampage members in their latest film "MY (K) NIGHT"

The "Date therapists" Setsuna, Ichiya, and Toki are played by Kazuma Kawamura, RIKU, and Hokuto Yoshino (The RAMPAGE from EXILE tribe). They took the lead roles and starring as the three men who live in the night world, with their own emotional scars. Yumi Adachi, Moeka Hoshi, and Natsuko took the roles of women who seek "salvation" from date therapist as an one night lover.

The chaotic atmosphere but beautiful sceneries in Yokohama's Isezaki-cho near Yokohama's Chinatown at night where the story takes place, is also one of the highlights of this film. "My (K) night" by director Nakagawa Ryutaro make its world premiere as Gala selection in Tokyo International Film Festival 2023.

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