Mariya Nishiuchi in HARUNOBUMURATA AW2024 collection show

Mariya Nishiuchi, actress, singer and model pairs a golden chain necklace with an elegant couture from HARUNOBUMURATA AW2024 under a theme "THREE FARMERS ON THEIR WAY TO A DANCE" at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO on 12th March 2024.

HARUNOBUMURATA is a luxury fashion label founded by a Japanese designer Harunobu Murata after returning from Milan, Italy in 2018. Brand's mission is to establish a luxury brand from Japan, using the best materials and techniques from both Italy and Japan mixed with the designer's own sense of experience and background, to provide people around the world who love beauty and elegance with special emotions through encounters with top level creations.

Images: inStyle Asia

Official Website: HARUNOBUMURATA 

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