Eiji Akaso unveiled his inspiration at LINE NEWS AWARDS 2021

Actor Eiji Akaso won the "NEXT NEWS Award" in "LINE NEWS AWARDS 2021" announced on the 8 December 2021 at Shibuya Hikarie hall, Shibuya Tokyo.

"LINE NEWS Presents NEWS AWARDS" for persons who became news in various fields such as entertainment, culture, sports and artists since 2018. 

The reason he won this award is “Akaso's first starring role in a tv series year 2020, "Cherry Magic" which is attracted the audience not only in Japan but also from abroad, and in the drama "She Was Pretty" (彼女はキレイだった), He played the role of a love rival and attracted by his "strong damage power (that make people's heart melt)" acting skill. Now he appearing in a series "SUPERRICH". More over, he appeared in many dramas and movies. "While showing a natural and lovely appearance, he is also a hard worker and one of the actors who are highly expected now"

Eiji Akaso stuns in Dior black suit during received the trophy and said "I'm really happy, Thank you from my heart, from this times I’d like to concentrate my roles from works so that everyone can enjoy it. From now on Thank you for your kindly support."

When he was asked about this year's big news. He said "I had a dog at my parents' house. His name is Ponta!, I met him last time before Golden Week (early May), so he may can’t remember me”

He also showed next year's aspirations by one Chinese letter. He preferred “走“(= run) and said “Thankfully, many people knew me this times, so next year I want to run faster than this year" 

The NEWS AWARD winners this year is “Kis-my-ft2 (Idol), Jun Mizutani and Mima Ito (Sports), Awesome City Club (Artist), Ryogo Matsumaru (Creative), Magical Lovely (talents), Mei Nagano (actor), GAMARJOBAT <Hiro-Pon> Gabez (culture ※ Pictogram performance actors in Tokyo Olympic) and the NEXT NEWS AWARD winners is Eiji Akaso (actor), Awich (singer) and Aju Makita (actor)

Image: Line Corporation Japan 

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