Godzilla make its World premiere as Tokyo Film Festival's closing film

Godzilla, one of the most Japanese pop culture Icons on the global stage celebrate its 70 years anniversary on 3rd November 2023.

Godzilla Minus One is chosen as the Closing Film and make its world premiere in Tokyo International Film Festival on 2 November 2023.

Reinterpreted the biggest legend creature invade Tokyo at the time when Japan attempted to revive after lose everything in world war second. Starring by Ryonosuke Kamiki, Minami Hamabe, Yuki Yamada and more.

Ryonosuke Kamiki, a lead actor from Godzilla Minus One talks at the special greetings before the world premiere at Toho Cinema Hibiya, Tokyo.

He talks about his feelings when he stepping on the red carpet before attend the opening ceremony at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. It was the first day of Tokyo International film festival.

"I was nervous. It was a spectacular place, so I didn't know how to walk or what kind of face I should make" and then Minami Hamabe who starring with him in the film said, "Kamiki didn't have nervous image, but for some reason he only gets nervous when he walks on the red carpet. He looked nervous even when announcing the movie...”.

Minami Hamabe, another lead actress from "Godzilla Minus One" also appears with actor Ryonosuke Kamiki and director Takashi Yamazaki at the special appearance for the world premiere in Tokyo.

She said, "The audience who came to watch the film are holding Godzilla dolls and wearing Godzilla motif dresses, showed their enthusiasm for Godzilla. I also received the positive energy and feel happy".

When she was asked "What are you proud to be appearing in Godzilla?". Hamabe said "Since the first episode until now, the Godzilla's hands were pointing down, and then "Shin Godzilla (Shin or 神 means God)" is God, so his hands were pointing upwards, but this times i heard from director Yamazaki and he said Godzilla's hands are pointing sideways". Director Yamazaki also added "This times, it's between God and the beast".

It was such a fun conversation among actors and director before it show officially. Godzilla Minus One is now showing in Japan theaters.

Official website: https://godzilla.com/

Text/Images: inStyle Asia

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