Actor Kentaro Ito won Kimono-ist 2023 awards

Kentaro Ito, a popular young star wears Kimono on the runway before received the Kimono-ist award 2023 in Tokyo.

“Kimono-ist” is the best Kimono dresser awards for celebrities and talents. Not only those who like kimono or look good in Kimono, but also the person who suggest the kimono for the future, disseminate kimono as the latest fashion and styles.

Kentaro stuns in a gray kimono with feather patterns. Make it contrast with a beige color haori coat (a traditional coat worn on Kimono in Winter) and purple color Geta (Japanese traditional footwear)

"As a Japanese, I think it's an honor to receive an award for Kimono and traditional Japanese clothes''

"After i wear Kimono this times, I feel its design and the way to dress have improved. Now, I'm 26 years old, I hope to spread its popularity among young people."

"This is my first time to wear kimono with design like this. I've never see a haori coat with pockets before, so I think this is one of the points that will make Kimono getting popular among young people.''

"When I was a child, my father always dressed in kimono and we had Japan's traditional new year food (Osechi ryori) on new year day. I've worn Kimono since I was a little boy, so I think I will take this opportunity to spend my new year day with my family as parents and son. If we can go to pray together at the first temple and shrine on new year (Hatsumode), It will be like a dutiful son with parents''

Kentaro Ito is known from many Japanese movies and series , include a Japanese movie "Junihitoe wo Kita Akuma" (十二単衣を着た悪魔), a hit time slip drama when he warped in Kyoto during Heian period and met an emperor’s concubine (Ayaka Miyoshi) who appear in a Japanese novel "The Tale of Genji". She wanted  to make her son (Taketo Tanaka) became the next emperor.

The Kimono-ist 2023 award winners is Junpei Mizobata, Kentaro Ito, Norika Fujiwara and Reiko Takashima. 


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