Osaka Asian Film Festival 2024 started now

Osaka Asian Film Festival is held for 10 days from 1〜10 March 2024 with many hit films around Asia, also the main casts and directors confirmed to attend their premiere dates.

Hong Kong's "The Moon Thieves" starring by mirror's Cantopop members is selected as the opening film and make its Japan premiere at Hong Kong Gala, closing by Marc Mariotte's film "Tokyo Cowboy" on the last day at ABC hall.

But if you loved Thai movie. It's the best time to watch here as there are so many hit Thai films starring by Thai popular stars like "Hoon Payon (หุ่นพยนต์)", "Not Friends (เพื่อนไม่สนิท)", "Undertaker (สัปเหร่อ)", "Death Whisperer (ธีหยด)", "Supposed (สมมติ)" and also make their Japan premiere in Osaka Asian Film Festival. Director Baz Poonpiriya (One For the Road - วันสุดท้ายก่อนบายเธอ), Mike Phontharis (Hoon Payon), Thiti Srinuan (Undertaker) are planned to make appearance on the stage in Japan. Osaka Asian Film Festival is held annually once a year, don't miss this chance if you are in Japan.

Take a look at some films we recommend to watch this year. 19th Osaka Asian Film Festival will be kicked off from 1-10 March 2024 at the theaters around Osaka's Umeda area.

HOON PAYON (หุ่นพยนต์) / Thailand 

Based on a Thai folklore and one of the most sacred amulets in Thai culture which is disappearing nowadays, "Hoon Payon" starring by Thai bl star Phuwin Tangsakyeun, Up Poompat Iam-Samang, Nick Kunatip Pinpradap will make its Japan premiere in Osaka Asian Film Festival on Sunday 10 March at ABC hall, downtown Osaka.

Get ready for some thrills, chills, and laughs as the director of the "Pee Nak" trilogy returns with a Thai horror mystery movie tinged with some comedy. In an atmospheric and scary film, a handful of handsome boys get chased Scooby Doo-style by a fearsome golem while investigating a series of murders.

NOMAD/ Hong Kong

NOMAD (4K Restored Director’s Cut) is one of the classic works showing in Osaka Asian Film Festival this year, focusing on four youngsters who are seeking the meaning of life. Louis (Leslie Cheung), Kathy (Pat Ha), Tomato (Cecilia Yip) and Pong (Kent Tong).

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One of them loved a Japanese who preferred to retire from Japanese Red Army and following by the revenge from organization. One of the best films by Patrick Tam, a new wave director in  Hong Kong's hey day.

The Moon Thieves (盜月者)/ Hong Kong 

Vincent Ma (Edan Lui) is an expert at making “refitted” watches. He buys pawned watches, removes parts and refits them into custom-made watches which he sells for a profit. 

Their legality is questionable since his products are essentially counterfeits. This is leverage used by a crooked watch dealer, the ruthless Uncle (Keung To), to force Vincent to put together a team of thieves to steal three valuable watches from a store in Tokyo. He will be working with veteran thief Chief (Louis Cheung), explosives expert Mario (Michael Ning) and young master lock breaker Yoh (Anson Lo).

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"The Moon Thieves" starring by members of Cantopop member "Mirror" will make its Japan premiere as the opening film for Osaka Asian Film Festival on 5 March 2024.

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Not Friends (เพื่อนไม่สนิท)/ Thailand

Pae (Anthony Buisseret from "You & Me & Me") met Joe (Pisitpol Ekaphongpisit from a hit Thai bl series "Love By Chance 2" and "Why You… Y Me?"), his classmate who wanted to be his friend but Pae denied. Joe died by a car accident after they first met just a day. 


Pae wanted to win his college application by making a short film about his close relationship with Joe, but all is fake story. But they can't lie to their own heart, a film that make you remember your good old days and someone you came into your life them just once and never have second chance to say what you feel again. Directed by Atta Hemwadee and also produced by Baz Poonpiriya (One For The Road).

Wash Away (うぉっしゅ)/ Japan

"Wash Away", starring by young actress Nakao Yūka and a legendary Japanese singer Naoko Ken, depicts the story of Kana who working as bodies washer. She was asked to take care her grandmother named Kie. Kie can't remember her own grand daughter but Kana later discovered how to learn more about the elderly woman who she had forgotten. The struggles of two generations is depicted interestingly when Japan entered to the Aging Society.

Naoko Ken, currently 70 years old is a legendary enka-oriented singer who became so popular in the 70s. It's her first times to take the role as actor in the film. Yūka Nakao is known as model and actress with many films and series included "Romance and Bullets"

Suton (すとん)/ Japan

Suton depicts the story of a woman who living alone in Tokyo, begins her work at a neighborhood café. Her life seems placid, but an encounter with a customer triggers an avalanche of memories from her past, revealing the background of the bitter consequences of having her work canceled because of COVID-19, the effect of which affected her mental health and cut short her career as an actress. 

Directed by Rikako Watanabe and starring by Chie Sakamoto, Mai Murakami, Atsushi Honma, Yujiro Hara, Miki Igarashi and more.

Official website: Osaka Asian Film Festival

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